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About FloDoctor™


Our gutter protection system was developed after years of research and experience in the gutter and gutter protection industry. That experience was used to create one of the most technologically designed gutter protection systems on the market today. From the size and shape of the hole openings to the degree of slope or arch on the product's surface, our system is truly a product that is ahead of its time.


You will encounter fewer failures, a larger amount of water dissipation (our test stands max out at 4.5" of rain per minute with no overflow) and a greater ease of self-shedding than any other comparable products on the market. Plus, with FloDoctor you get the added benefit of a product that can increase the longevity of your gutters and provide box-like strength


The FloDoctor Gutter Guard was developed with the intention of bringing a strong and dependable gutter protection system to the public at a price that every homeowner can afford. Compare FloDoctor to all other gutter guard products and you will find that FloDoctor is pound-for-pound the clear choice for your gutter protection. Premium quality you can depend on at a great price - FloDoctor just makes sense!


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